25Nov 12 Award winners...Scorpion Jacket

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We are delighted to announce that our Scorpion Jacket has won an award from the amazing folk at Gearweare.com.

"The 2012 GearWeAre Awards are given to those pieces of gear which have taken pride of place in our lives. The bits of kit which we’ve most often found ourselves using because they’re just so good at their job, and which have become more than just review samples."

With awards allocated the awards by category; our jacket was one of 3 winners in the apparel awards.



30Mar 12 Dash Hoody - 5 Stars

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The good folk over at Gear We Are have just finished a review of the Dash Hoody and posted the results on line. To say we're chuffed is an understatement!

The fabric and alternative fleece fabric were bigs hits in the review and it gained the following summary:

SUMMARY: Sprayway’s Dash Hoody is feminine, warm and stylish and doesn’t look as cheap as a bog-standard ‘Fleece’. Its pockets are cosy and it’s a joy to wear when walking and generally as casual wear. It’s a little pricey, but feels like a quality product.


You can find the full review in our Product Tips Section here, or on Gear We Are's own website.

27Mar 12 Trail Magazine Review Compass Shorts

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Trail Magazine have been testing a number of walking shorts lately and the Sprayway Compass Short got a look in for Best in Test, just losing out to some much, much more expensive shorts.

The full review reads a bit like:

"The fabric used in the Sprayway Compass / Escape shorts is two-way stretch so they are great if you struggle with getting a good fit. There is also stretch in the waist so again these can expand around  a tubby tum or hug a neater waistline.

There is no belt provided but you get belt loops in case you want to add one. I also liked the brushed lining inside the waist that make these a little more comfy compared to most shorts here.

The lower right leg pocket will take a small guidebook and at a squeeze you can get an OS map in the zipped hip pockets too. There’s a simple Velcro closure pocket at the rear. These are great shorts due to that stretch fabric and its general comfort, and at this price they are a real bargain.

But the pockets of the Sprayway Compass / Escape could be a little better as those two hip pockets are a notch small if you want to stash an OS-sized map. They also provide more of a hugging style of fit, rather than a baggy, airy fit, which you may or may not prefer in hotter weather. There is no additional crotch panel either, so again they feel a little closer than some. So not my favourite but still pretty good."

At £35 a snap, up against pairs over £65 we feel they're an absolute winner!

A new addition worth also checking out are our Kinesis Multi Activity shorts...perfect for any day on the trail or hill.

22Mar 12 Adventure Travel Review Odyssey Jacket

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Reknowned gear and outdoor enthusiast Bryn Davies has been out thoroughly testing some waterproof jackets this winter and one of those was the mens Odyssey Jacket by Sprayway.

Being Bryn he put the jackets through a pretty extensive examination and we're happy with how the Odyssey came out given it was the only classic walking jacket in the test, up against some nyounger "fast and light" models.

He particularly liked the style and cut of this Gore-Tex Performance Shell jacket quoting "Out of the six men’s jackets on test the Odyssey comes out tops in looks, making it the most appealing as an everyday walking round the town, popping to the pub coat. And on the more outdoorsy side of things the jacket fits well, doesn’t ride up and has a classic walking jacket cut with a comfortable mesh inner lining."

You can find the full review in our products tips section here, along with a load of useful gear information on looking after your kit and what to wear for which activity!

It scored:

Hood: 8

Weight and pack size: 6

Value for money: 6

Overall: 7

19Mar 12 TGO Recommends Sprayway Polaris Fleece

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Chris Townsend of TGO Magazine fame and arguably "the voice" on testing outdoor kit in the U.K. has reviewed the Sprayay Polartec fleece the Polaris and given it a "TGO Recommends".

The test saw our Polaris being pitted against fleeces up to £100 more expensive so we are delighted with the outcome a sturdy 4/5 stars.

His full review can be found in out product tips section here alongside some hints on layering and how to look after your outdoor gear.

16Mar 12 Nyx/Eos Win 9/10 Rating

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Sprayway's stand out waterproof jackets for Summer 2012 the Nyx and Eos Gore-Tex jackets have rated an outstanding 9/10 on ARRSE reviews online.

Among many positives he's picked out hood, jacket performance and value for money as it's top assets. Things we've been singing about for years!

You can find the full review on our products tips pages, along with some tips on finding the right waterproof technology for you, and what waterproof ACTUALLY means.

7Mar 12 TGO Preview Summer Shorts Collection

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TGO Magazine are previewing the Sprayway shorts collection for Summer 2012 and have put a brief release on their website relating to it. We're super excited to hear what they feedback about them given the wealth of experience at TGO.

Whilst you may only be familiar with the magazine, the website is certainly worth checking out as it has moved from traditional relaying of magazine content website to a much more dynamic and interesting outdoor forum.

With a number of experienced contributors and a hugely interactive users area there is alot to read and take in, certainly a site worth bookmarking.

And we've got our eyes and ears peeled for any feedback on the shorts!

5Mar 12 Best. In. Test

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Sprayway are absolutely delighted to announce that the W.N.W. fleece, reintroduced into our collection in Winter 2012 has been awarded the Best in Test accolade by the super critical folk over at Country Walking Magazine.

The full review is written up in our product tips section here along with some handy tips on looking after your waterproofs and layering up this Summer!

20Feb 12 Grough Magazine Run the Rule Over Sprayway Scorpion

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Bob Smith, Editor of Grough Mag has been through some sticky situations. In fact, he seems to attract them at times when he's on the hill. That being, means he can know a thing or two about testing gear and what works.

When he decided to put our new mens Mountain Jacket, the Scorpion, through it's paces we were in no doubt that it would have a tough few days ahead of it. So having wished the chosen jacket well, we sent it off to heavens knows where and waited on the results.

Bob took it out in mid-winter and despite it being the mildest winter in possibly a decade...he managed to find himself a blizzard.

The full results of the test can be found at Grough Mag here.

Some of his highlights for the jacket were, as always, the price...where else can you get a fully spec'd mountain jacket at that price point, the warmth rating of the jacket in horrendous snow, and ultimately the general design. He loved the amount and size of the pockets and the little extras we put throughout such as reflective detail.

The Scorpion is available now and is matched with our ladies Calyx jacket, both in Gore-Tex Performance Shell.

14Feb 12 Hydrolite wins Best Buy With TGO Magazine

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The Sprayway Hydrolite magazine, an eternal favourite and HQ was won the Best Buy award with TGO Magazine, and we are super chuffed. Put to the sword along with 12 other contenders by John Manning it inched ahead of some pricier models to win the Gold Award!

The full review can be found on TGO's awesome new website or alternatively by checking out our Product Tips section where you can find further info on how to look after our waterproofs and what garments you should be wearing under them.