20Feb 12 Grough Magazine Run the Rule Over Sprayway Scorpion

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Bob Smith, Editor of Grough Mag has been through some sticky situations. In fact, he seems to attract them at times when he's on the hill. That being, means he can know a thing or two about testing gear and what works.

When he decided to put our new mens Mountain Jacket, the Scorpion, through it's paces we were in no doubt that it would have a tough few days ahead of it. So having wished the chosen jacket well, we sent it off to heavens knows where and waited on the results.

Bob took it out in mid-winter and despite it being the mildest winter in possibly a decade...he managed to find himself a blizzard.

The full results of the test can be found at Grough Mag here.

Some of his highlights for the jacket were, as always, the price...where else can you get a fully spec'd mountain jacket at that price point, the warmth rating of the jacket in horrendous snow, and ultimately the general design. He loved the amount and size of the pockets and the little extras we put throughout such as reflective detail.

The Scorpion is available now and is matched with our ladies Calyx jacket, both in Gore-Tex Performance Shell.